Key Features

  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Recovery of Vehicle
  • 100% Recovery Rate
  • Does not include Live Tracking for the Client

The NOJACK SVR LITE is the most cost effective tracking unit that NoJack has to offer.

The device conforms to the most stringent testing done by the NoJack technical division to ensure peace of mind and the best quality for our clients.

Our technology works in conditions were very few other devices in the same price and range would work.

The NOJACK SVR LITE service helps consumers safeguard their assets such as motorcycles and passenger vehicles.

The hardware is concealed very securely in a location only known to us. Our devices’ solutions rely on super-sensitive GPS satellite tracking technology, capable of locating vehicles virtually anywhere on or off the road. The hardware also features a GSM cellular modem that provides an “always on” nationwide communications link with the asset provided that there is cell signal.

In the event the property is stolen, users can notify our 24/7/365 controlromm and our
teams will be dispatched to the asset’s location for rapid recovery.