Designed primarily as a entry level vehicle security and management system used in both light and commercial vehicles such as,Passenger Vehicles, Delivery vehicles, Motor cycles ect.
Tracer offers live vehicle tracking updates (every 30 to 60 seconds) via a dedicated web browser. The system offers journey management solutions that will indicate the various trips, start and stop times, locations, vehicle speed and over speeding and much more.
Visit our Demo Site and use the info there to see exactly what the system offers.
The most user friendly system available.

PS. Should the client require more from the system, the hardware can be moved to a different platform to offer more info.
No need to fit a new device. This may however increase the monthly premium.

This service includes:

  • VESA approved
  • Self-powered battery backup
  • National coverage
  • Dedicated recovery teams
  • Reports at the press of a button.