It matters to us how well we do what we do.

Since 1997, our management is set out to build enduring business relationships based on trust, transparency and exceptional levels of service. In order for these relationships to flourish, our services needed to be tailored to our client’s requirements and cost effective.

We have built a reputation as a high quality supplier of risk mitigation services. Most importantly, our services have had to enable our client’s objectives, fulfill their duty of care obligations and support their day-to-day work. As our relationships have grown, it has been reassuring that we share the same highest ethical standards as our clients.

We have built a reputation as a force for good in the communities we serves. We know that challenging environments require special care and rigid application of international law, national law and best practice. We believe we have a duty to assist with global and local initiatives to improve standards, transparency and accountability for the security sector. For this reason, we are active within the development of the International Code of Conduct, and has introduced market leading systems.

Our greatest asset is our staff. Our reputation is built on their hard work. We expect high professional standards, dedication and loyalty from our team. In return, to attract and retain the right people, we offer leading terms of employment, management support, duty of care and loyalty.

Our internal standards of business conduct make explicit reference to confidentiality and these procedures are subject to internal scrutiny on a regular basis. We forbid employees to share confidential information with any other organization without the expressed permission of the client.

It is part of our philosophy that we should conduct ourselves with uncompromising honesty and integrity and employees at all levels are required to adhere to the highest standards of business ethics.